Every Brand has a Story, a Journey, and a Legacy.

Where does your Brand stand?

Rosewater Studio Creates Artful Messaging for Intentional Brands


“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.”

Yasamin Salavatian

Something has brought you here, and I am so grateful for your visit. 

Here you will find a writing studio beyond words, letters, and punctuation. Here you will find a journey of grace and intention. 


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Distinguish Your Brand in a Crowded Marketplace and Create an Inimitable Brand Voice.

Driven by truth, Yasamin Salavatian expertly uncovers the intent and essence of Brands. Her approach centers on the art of asking pointed, thought-provoking questions. Diving deeply into purpose, she artfully weaves Client thoughts, ideas, wishes, and dreams into a consistent, cohesive, and converting Brand Voice.


Yasamin Salavatian

“One of my favourite parts of working with Yasi is the brilliant ideas she came up with in terms of what should be included in my copy. For example, she really considered what barriers there would be for people thinking about hiring me and how we could break these down in an authentic and non-salesy way. She took the time to understand my business and what I stood for to create the perfect message for my audience.”

- brand designer, australlia

I am ready to Unveil my Brand Voice, and invest in myself and my Business.


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Do you have a Clear, Consistent, and Compelling Brand Voice?

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