What is Copywriting? 

April 8, 2019

Not copyrighting, but, copywriting. What is it? 

It’s the art of creating words that compel and convert. From websites to television commercials, and even the radio, these words are everywhere.

The best copy evokes some type of emotion {joy, excitement, fear, sadness} in your audience. It’s the words that inch your cursor towards PURCHASE, move your fingers to dial that phone number, or quite literally urge you to pull your credit card from your wallet.

You’re probably thinking, well, I’ve spoken English since I was born…and taken classes since I was 5, so, I can do my own copy. Or, I’ve been writing a book…so, I can do my own copy. Or, I’ve kept a diary since I was a teenagerI can do my copy by myself! 

You’re not wrong…but you’re not completely right either.

Let’s examine the logic for a second:

I’ve had a camera since the flip phone became popular…but should I really be photographing a wedding?
I’ve been a master Play-Doh creator since eating Play-Doh was all the rage…but should I really be creating pottery?
I’ve been laughing at Yo Mama jokes since the first grade…but should I really be a comedian?

The answer is no, I probably shouldn’t.

And that’s really the truth, isn’t it?

So, Is there a copywriter inside of you?  

Welcome to the Rosewater Studio Blog. 

Here, I will show you how to transform your business with copy.

A copy how-to with personal stories and anecdotes. You will walk away with tangible learnings and actionable goals, perfectly ready for implementation. Something useful, and honest from my screen to yours.

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