3 Questions Your Ideal Client Is Asking

May 21, 2019

People come by your website all the time, but how do they feel after they’ve seen it?

Traffic is what gets your Ideal Client to your site, but your Copy is what makes them stay…it makes the sale. So, let’s assess.

What is your Ideal Client thinking? 

Question 1: Do I Like You

Judgement exists, it’s just the harsh, 100%  truth. Your Ideal Client is investing their hard-earned money to buy your product or service…they want to know they’re giving it to someone they genuinely like.

What does this mean? You have to put yourself out there. People will love you for it, and they’ll hate you for it, but that’s the nature of owning your true self in your business.

Question 2: Can You Do the Job?

They want to know you can do the job…and do it well, on a promised timeline.

How do they know your qualified?

Do you have samples of your work? Do you have a portfolio?

Do you have an explanation of your process?

Do you have testimonials? Do you showcase who you’ve worked with…how?

It’s your job to demonstrate your authority. Take a look through your website…have you established your authority?

Question 3: Can I Endure this Experience?

What do I mean by this?

Let’s think SERVICE.

Your Ideal Client wants to know if they can thrive through your process. Are you someone who is super tight with timelines? Or are you more go with the flow? Are you someone that’s responsive? Or are you frequently Out of Office?

These details are important to your Ideal Client, because regardless of the result…the experience is the memory that lasts. If you’re not meeting expectations, it’s probably because they weren’t explicitly communicated. Go take a look at your website, or your “Welcome” materials…are you being clear?

Let’s think PRODUCT.

How much is shipping? Is it returnable? Do you have a statement for satisfaction guaranteed?

These details, though seemingly insignificant, are infinitely important.

What haven’t I mentioned?

Cost. The average person will not care what your pricing is. If someone wants to work with you, they’ll do whatever it takes to work with you.

So, pretend you’re the Ideal Client, and go through your website with fresh eyes. Is your website persuasive? Compelling? Does it make you want to book yourself?

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