#1 Biggest Copy Mistake

June 5, 2019

Frightening title…yes?

I think so.

So, what’s the #1 biggest copy mistake you might be making?

Your Contact information.

It sounds basic, right?

But you would be surprised to learn how often I’m scrolling through a website…and fail to find who the business owner is!

It happens a lot. People forget to write who they are! You go to Inquire, and you’re like…who am I talking to?

Public Service Announcement: Always put your name, email, and contact information on your website. Show yourself!

I just know someone’s going to say, “Well, my business has my name in it.”

Well…there’s nothing wrong with having your name on your website multiple times. There’s also nothing wrong with signing your emails with your name…people want to know who they’re talking to.

And that leads to me a second point…

How does someone contact you?

Let’s focus on your website. Here’s a checklist you should complete once every 2-3 months:

Step 1: Click all of the links on your website…are they working? Do it again just to be sure.

Step 2: Do you have a form on your website? Create a test…just to make sure it’s working.

Step 3: Is your email clearly listed on your website? Some people don’t like using the website forms – ensure you have a clear option for those individuals.

Step 4: Pass your computer to your mom, aunt, or grandma…anyone who is at least one generation older than you. Watch them intently as they explore your website. How long did it take them to find the contact information? How hard was it to fill it out?

Step 5: Take notes on the interaction.

Step 6: Change what needs to be changed. Clarity comes with practice, and change is OKAY.

Let’s review.

It’s immensely important to have your name on your website. Yes, YOUR name. What else is important? Having an easy, intuitive method of contact.

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