The Truth About Your Brand Voice

July 16, 2019

I am always asked this question:

Q: Yasi, what do you think my Brand Voice should be? 

I cannot tell you what your Brand Voice should be. Why? 

Because the key to finding your Brand Voice is within you – your voice, your mind, your thoughts and opinions, as you choose to reflect them in your Business.

I promise you, I don’t have a mythical and magical sorting hat…that can predetermine your Brand Voice, like:

Susan, you should be spontaneous, edgy, and adventurous.

Katie, you should be romantic, soft-spoken, and curious.

Michelle, you should be funny, open, and passionate. 

I just don’t have those types of powers…I really don’t. Though now that I’m thinking about it…it does sound intriguing!

In fact, you should never let anyone tell you what your Brand Voice should be. While your colleagues, peers, and companions can offer their point of view, your Brand Voice is yours. You’re the Business Owner, the leader. This is your creation and your legacy.

Q: Well, Yasi, how can you help?

I can guide you in discovering your Brand Voice…with you. Through a series of calls, strategic questioning, and of course listening, I can help lead you in the process.  

So, what are some actionable steps you can take?

Here are 3 steps (my Clients LOVE) to help you get started today:

Step 1: Grab a recorder and record yourself speaking. Listen to recording. Learn what you sound like.  

Step 2: Write down your favorite words, words unique to you and words you use frequently , and maintain a Word Bank you can come back to again and again for inspiration and idea sourcing. 

Step 3: Create a log of your most common sayings…laughs…anecdotes…what are things you say regularly? This log will be so useful for your content creation.

You need to be an active participant in finding your Brand Voice. Following these 3 steps, will help get you started. 

If you’d like to dive in even more, and learn about getting one on one help with finding your Brand Voice, call to set-up your complimentary call HERE.

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