An Educational Series for Creative Business Owners Looking to Unveil their Brand Voice


Your Brand Voice

As a Photographer, Illustrator, or Brand Designer, your work is beautiful, undoubtedly. 

But, there are so many creatives who also deliver beautiful work.

Your art is not equivalent to your process and your journey. You are hired not only for your work, but also for what you bring to your work. 

You are hired for Y O U.

Are you soft-spoken? Minimalistic? Romantic? Adventurous?

If your work could speak, it would have so much to say. 

Are you doing it justice? Are you communicating your intention? What about your story?

What Separates You?


“Why are you so enchanted by this world, when a mine of gold lies within you?”



Is a Partnership

Is a Journey

Gain confidence in yourself and your business. After solidifying your Brand Voice, and completing the Series, you will be added to an exclusive Facebook Group of equally talented Creatives.

Receive 4 1:1 Strategy Sessions, tailored to your Brand needs. Learn about your Ideal Client, and more importantly, how to speak to them.

Is an Investment


Dedicate your time to education. In working through the Chapters, you will learn how to communicate your Brand effectively, with grace and intention.


Michele Lee

This has been hands down the best decision I have ever made for my business. There are so many courses, workshops and masterminds I've invested in that have promised big return and amazing results, and I did learn some really important business-y things. Like how to start an email list, templates for about pages, and basic design of website, figuring out your 'ideal' customer, etc etc. But honestly all of it was useless because I didn't know what to say, or who I was saying it to. Yasi is amazing to work with, her candor is refreshing, her ability to ask the right questions is priceless. I feel more confident than ever in what I do, why I do it, and what I'm saying. I wish I would have STARTED with Yasi, because once you have a good foundation for your business--it's easy to build the rest.


Stella Throop

Yasi is a wizard, or a ninja, or maybe both. I struggled for five years trying to hone my brand into a clear message, but after hiring Yasi, she helped me find confidence and clarity in just a few weeks! She asks the hard questions, makes you dig deep into the why’s and what’s of your brand, and holds you accountable through the entire process. On top of being amazing at her job, she’s a vibrant human being that genuinely wants you to succeed. Hiring Yasi has been worth every bit of the investment and more! 


Suki Yu

The experience was INCREDIBLE!
I had an amazing time chatting with Yasi. She quickly pointed out aspects that I should work on more in order to build genuine relationship with my audience. For example, talk more about my creative process, the message behind my art and most importantly, share more about me. This really hits me, and she shared that it’s not always about your people, it’s also about myself. By them knowing more about me they feel closer to me and also enjoy more being part of my creative journey. This is GOLD!

Master a positive experience with Social Media. Engage with your Audience, and Share your Brand Message.

Chapter 4: share your story

Craft your You. Learn to Describe Your Story, Your Journey, and Your Passion while establishing your Authority.

Chapter 3: Introduce Yourself

Explore your Purpose within your Community, within your Industry – what is your Legacy?

Chapter 2: understand Your Positioning

Delve into the Core Values of your Brand. Learn how to create an inimitable Brand Voice by exploring your true Intention.

Chapter 1: Unveil Your Brand Voice

Want to learn more?

Your Brand is within You. While books, podcasts, and courses can be instrumentally helpful, they are only aids. Your inspiration may stem from several places, but the truest form is from within.

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I’m not going to lie, U N V E I L is a commitment of heart, soul, and of course, time. The more you put in, the more you will get out. I am dedicated to your growth and success, and that is why we have a 1:1 personal call every week for the duration of the program. We show up for each other.

Is unveil a Significant Time Commitment?

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I only take a limited number of Clients at any single time to accommodate the individualized and personalized approach to U N V E I L. My goal is to create a unique program for each Client, crafted specifically for their needs as a Business Owner. Being truly present for each other requires time and commitment.

Why is U N V E I L such a large investment? Do you offer any courses at lower prices?

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To ensure everyone has discovered their unique Brand Voice, Brand Goals, and Legacy, clients will only be invited to join the Facebook group after completing
U N V E I L. 

Why do I have to complete U N V E I L before joining the Facebook group?

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At a minimum, you are passionate about your Business and about your Business results. You are a dreamer, but also a doer. I only take Clients who I know can- replace with will benefit from this program. Schedule a Complimentary Call below to find out.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for U N V E I L?

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Brand Message.

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