Behind every Brand there is a Story to be Told.

With Rosewater Studio, you will discover what is most unique about your Brand and tell your story with the utmost intention.

Our 5-Step Process

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After Booking, you will be sent an Introductory Questionnaire to discover your Brand Values, Brand Story, and Legacy.

Lovely to Meet You!

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With an emphasis on market research and analysis, Rosewater Studio will create a customized copy plan for your business.

Fact or Fiction?

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During a 1:1 Strategy Session, Rosewater Studio will work with you to strengthen your Brand Voice within your marketplace.

Your Brand Voice.

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Rosewater Studio will present your newly created copy.

During a second 1:1 Strategy Session, Rosewater Studio will provide opportunities for revision and refinement.


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Rosewater Studio will present your Finalized Copy. 

And of course, the Rights are yours!

It’s time to celebrate the end of a journey and the beginning of a new adventure!

Introducing You!

Direction for 7 Instagram/Facebook Lives
Customized Rosewater Studio Launch Calendar

Copy for
1-Landing Page/Sales Page
15-Email Sequence Campaign
3 Facebook Ads
3 Instagram Ads
10 Testimonial Refinements
10 FAQ Responses


Grand Launch Campaign

Direction for 3 Instagram/Facebook Lives
Customized Rosewater Studio Launch Calendar

Copy for
5-Email Sequence Campaign 
1 Facebook Ad 
1 Instagram Ad 
5 Testimonial Refinements
5 FAQ Responses

pricing begins at

Petite Launch Campaign

To cover the breadth of possibilities, Rosewater Studio offers two base packages for Launch Writing and Storytelling, with further ability for customization upon request.

2 60-Minute Strategy Sessions
Rosewater Studio Introductory Questionnaire
The Alluring About

4 Additional Pages of Copy
2-Email Introductory Sequence


Brand Messaging and Positioning

2 30-Minute Strategy Sessions
Rosewater Studio About Page Questionnaire
About Page Copy, including:
your Inspiration, your Story, and other Details relevant to your Craft


The Alluring About

To distinguish your Brand within your Marketplace, Rosewater Studio offers two base packages for Brand Writing and Storytelling to solidify your Brand Voice and establish your Brand Messaging and Positioning.  

Rosewater Studio Writing Packages

Launch Writing and Storytelling

Brand Messaging and Storytelling

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Do you Need Help to Clarify Your Brand Voice? 


Erika Parker

Yasi was brilliant. She truly took the time to get to know me, and really worked hard at getting to the core of my message, and what I really wanted to say. She took the time to understand my brand, and my personality.

Her copy? Brilliant. She transformed my jumble of words, into exactly what I was trying to say but couldn't. She's one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business. I loved working with her, she asked some hard questions, but exactly the ones I needed to figure out what my voice should be and how I should write about it. I wish she could write everything for me. Her writing ability is truly a gift, I feel really lucky to have found her.


trish Barker

What I thought I was getting was new copy for my website, but what I got instead was a deep evaluation of what my current voice was, suggestions on how to organize my current offerings in a way that was more clear and the discovery of new offerings I could add to expand my existing business. She took the time to truly understand what my voice was and to work from that voice with the copy she wrote for me, so that I was truly represented and it didn't feel like someone else did the writing. The result was a more clear website, with expanded offerings and copy that helped to truly represent me and my unique brand. And the process was fun. I genuinely enjoyed the humor and laughter that permeated the entire process, and love that I gained a wonderful friend through improving my business.

Thank you so much!

I'll be replying to you soon.

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